Here I am

by Elijah Poston

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All songs written, recorded, and performed by Elijah Poston


released March 4, 2013




Elijah Poston Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Here I am
Here we are again
should we lie or pretend
that we can't see
The tears on our face
from something that's replaced
our old, sound lives
the tricky eyes of fate
cajoled us both to make
decisions we both hate

Here I am
and I'll be here always
though gone some days

All the things I've seen
this image it's fleeting
it's never been
for all the things you've strived
and all the tears you've cried
can't be erased
these are the things I hate
what we appreciate
always come too late

Track Name: Away
Had a perfectly fine time
finding my way out of your head
but why was it so hard
to get out of your bed?

How was I supposed to know?
what am I supposed to know?

I won't run before I walk away
I won't have to learn or need to say
that I'm in love with you, no not today
Don't even think I want that anyway

And now I know I've been the wrong kind of friend
Don't you think I know?

Walking on wires
tiptoe around you all day
wondering if I should
or what to say

Or an I supposed to know?
Tell me, am I supposed to know?

Track Name: Alone
If I was a flying man
I'd spend most nights
hovering just below the fan
and on nights I couldn't sleep
I'd hover under yours
to make sure you wouldn't weep

You weep for today
you're staying up all night
You're weeping all today
You're sleeping all night

And If I see you tomorrow
Does it still mean that I am alone?
and If I lose my head
Will all of my mistakes just turn around
and look like triumphs instead?

And If I was a crying man
I'd weep for you
and all the things I don't understand
and on the nights I wouldn't weep
I'd stay up wondering
whether you're awake or you're asleep

If you slept for today[
if you're sleeping all night
If you're sleeping today
You're stirring all night


Cuz I won't leave
I won't leave
I won't leave
I won't go
Track Name: Say it
Say it again
I feel it's me
but I know its him
it's always "them"

I feel it again
my hand on your back
and my mouth against your skin
and I know it's him

But I can't unwind it
the cobwebs in my head
are tied up and twisted
with things that I regret
I hope you aren't one of them
yeah I hope you aren't

I see it yet
that look in your eyes
like I'm something
you'll regret
I get tired, I get scared

Track Name: Golden Heart
Carried in, and carried out
I was in love, but now I'm without
and I don't need anything
Not from you. no It's all the same
And I don't know where I stand
in this maze or if there's an end
I don't need anything
You're not forgiven, no it's all the same

If I was a golden hearted boy
I don't think I'd miss you like I do
If I was a golden hearted boy
I'd never say that I loved you

Show me how, master me
on how to learn, love, and teach
show me how to bend, break, and mend
show me love not a means to an end
cuz I can grow, I can change,
I can be molded and rearranged
but still this question on my brain
is it better to serve, or better to reign?

Track Name: February
How hard can it get when nothing matters anymore?
And who do we blame, once they're out of the door
Years from now what will these words mean to me?

To tell you the truth
I don't care
I just don't want to share you with anyone

These short years, they're all I know
and I don't know how long I have to go
Oh no, didn't you see me go? But I didn't leave a note? (2x)