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If I was a flying man
I'd spend most nights
hovering just below the fan
and on nights I couldn't sleep
I'd hover under yours
to make sure you wouldn't weep

You weep for today
you're staying up all night
You're weeping all today
You're sleeping all night

And If I see you tomorrow
Does it still mean that I am alone?
and If I lose my head
Will all of my mistakes just turn around
and look like triumphs instead?

And If I was a crying man
I'd weep for you
and all the things I don't understand
and on the nights I wouldn't weep
I'd stay up wondering
whether you're awake or you're asleep

If you slept for today[
if you're sleeping all night
If you're sleeping today
You're stirring all night


Cuz I won't leave
I won't leave
I won't leave
I won't go


from Here I am, released March 4, 2013




Elijah Poston Memphis, Tennessee

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